EPIC RANT: Professional Huntress Destroys Anti-Hunting Toad Who Threatened Her Life

To the KEYBOARD warrior who threatened me:

The main difference between a hunter and an anti-hunter is we do and we don’t just talk. Firstly, we do our own hunting/killing, whereas you have it done for you.

Who kills the chicken you eat at KFC or McDonald’s, the beef you buy in store, the Whale fat in your soap, the animal testing for your deodorants, the gelatin in your favorite jelly sweets? Have you never killed? This is the ignorance and it’s pathetic. Have you never killed an insect with your car or hired an exterminator to kill pests? Have you never paid taxes to your municipality so that they can contain rats and other plagues? Has no plant ever died providing you food? How many animals, critters and plants have died for you to live, the spot your house is built on, and the roads you drive to the place you work? How many animals had to be hunted to sustain the country that the fathers whom created the great America in which you live?


You see, hunting and killing is human nature; even you who are against killing and are threatening to kill me, cannot ignore your nature. The reality is that a Leopard will never eat veggies and a Lion will not stop hunting so people like us who are not ignoring the way God created the world will never stop hunting or doing what God intended us to do. In fact, we are fighting you, the ‘Urbanizer’, the killer of the worlds, vegetation and nature by industrializing protein and manufacturing and commercializing food production, instead of using the source created by the creator. I love nature and I will always hunt; I will always fight to preserve nature and I will always be your enemy. You destroy the world by pollution, by killing without knowing it from a distance on contract, by ignoring the rules and the laws of nature; and in the end, you might shout the hardest and you might threaten the most, but we hunters will always be there to ensure life is in harmony with the way it was designed to be.

For life to exist, death must exist — the balance — one must kill to live. You do this daily without knowing it, but I do it daily and I know and respect what I kill. I harvest just what I need, and in the process, also save some for my kids. So, please feel free to stay ignorant, but leave me be — because you are the one breaking the rules created by God and nature.


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