The area receives increased rainfall as one moves from west to east where it is bordered by the Indian Ocean. To the west lies the Karoo, which is a semi-arid type desert land. Most of the area is hilly and some portions are quite mountainous. The climate can be varied, with frosty winters and hot summers. All of the popular plains game species can be found in the Eastern Cape including a few not found in other areas; for example the Vaal Rhebok. Many large game ranches are home to sustainable numbers of Africa's numerous antelope species.

The varying rainfall creates an abundance of Eco systems which range from thickly wooded coastal forest to open plains and steep mountain ranges. All of the most popular hunting methods are employed in this region. From walking and stalking, to glassing from elevated vantage points as well as hunting from well equipped 4x4 vehicles.

The Eastern Cape also offers clients fishing to combine a hunting safari with a deep sea fishing experience and ideal location from which both of these activities can be enjoyed.