The Free State is the central province of South Africa. It is a rural province where farming plays an important role in the economy. We conduct safaris in areas of the Eastern Free State, which are characterized by rolling grassland with majestic sandstone hills rising from the plains below.

The Eastern Free State is bordered by Lesotho, a small land locked country which is often referred to as the roof of Africa. The Maluti Mountains which cover a large part of this country offers the most dramatic mountain scenery in Southern Africa. The high altitude ensures the summer months have pleasant days, but the winters can be very cold with snow occurring from time to time.

This region is best hunted during the late summer and early fall as well as during spring and early summer. The months of March to May and August to October should be the most pleasant. Hunting is however available throughout the year. Long shots are the order of the day and high velocity calibers that shoot a relatively flat trajectory tend to perform well in this area. The use of horses in some areas add an additional dimension to the hunting experience. We will check with you prior to the start of your safari whether you are an experienced horseman and will adapt your safari in this area to your specific capabilities on the horse.


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