(Latin = Raphicerus melanotis & Raphicerus sharpei , Afrikaans = Kaapse Grysbok & Sharpe se Grysbok, German = Greisbock Kap & Greisbock Sharpes)

Numbers: Low
Weight: 10 & 7,5kg (22 & 17 lb.)
Shoulder height: 54 & 47 cm (22 & 19in.)
Females horns: No


The Cape Grysbok is found in the Western Cape Province's west coast and Garden Route into the Eastern Cape Province, all along the coast. Sharpe's Grysbok is found in the most north eastern area the Northern Province, in the Lowveld area of Mpumalanga, and in the northern areas of KwaZulu-Natal.

The two antelopes differ in geographical territory, in size and weight, in colour and in it's hooves. And yet, they are virtually alike, share the same name (Grysbok) and are specified closely together (as Raphicerus). On photo's it is very difficult to spot the differences (and are therefore introduced together in this presentation).Only the Cape grysbok feature an extra‚ under developed‚ hoove above the fetlocks. The smaller Sharpe's grysbok have a more defined red brown colour on its back and neck than do the slightly more greyish Cape grysbok. At the foot of rocky hills where the bushes becomes more dense, the grysbok can be spotted with it's head down, alone (most of the time) and wary of intrusion. When it is disturbed, it simply fly away, without a bound