Grey Rhebok


(Latin = Pelea capreolus, Afrikaans = Vaalribbok, German = Rehbock)

Numbers: Fairly High
Weight: 18 - 25 kg (40 - 55 lb)
Shoulder height: 75 cm (30 in.)
Females horns: No


Found especially in the Western Cape (except in some parts of the west coast),in the central and southernparts ofthe Northern Province, Gauteng and Mpumalanga (the Highveld), as well as in the western part of Swaziland, the mountainous west part of KwaZulu-Natal, the whole of Lesotho, including north east, east and south Free State and everywhere in the Eastern Cape.

As the Afrikaans names indicate, the Grey rhebok closely resembles the Mountain reedbuck and is often confused with it. This happens all the more because both enjoys mountainous areas, although the Grey rhebok prefers higher altitudes than does the Mountain reedbuck. The Grey rhebok easily gets nervous if intrusion takes place and will react aggressively, even if it means attacking and killing other antelopes, such as the mountain reedbuck (or goats, even sheep). If it is approached, it will bounds off to a place less reachable by intruders, usually somewhere up higher. The Grey rhebok is slender, with a sleek neck and remarkably long, thin ears. It has thinner and straighter horns than does the Mountain reedbuckIn the mating play, the rams will utter a deep, bass sound to try to influence the spell. It is a delight to see this animals jump to safety in steep territory.