Jackal Side Striped


Side Striped Jackal

(Latin = Canis adustus, Afrikaans = Witkwas jakkals, German = Streifens Chakal)

Numbers: Very low
Weight: 7 - 12kg (15 - 26 lb.)
Shoulder height: 38 cm (15 in.)


Found only in the eastern Lowveld of Mpumaplanga, eastern Swaziland and the coastal regions of northeast Kwazulu-Natal.

This biggest of all the jackals is endangered because of it's lack of wariness (although it may be very timid), it's rather slowness and because of its skin and, especially, it's beautiful tail. Although rarely seen, it can interbreed with a domestic dog. It's white tail tip is often the best identification clue. It surprises its prey by pouncing on it to make up for its lack of printing speed. Small animals, birds or scavenging carcasses, for which it will risk being spotted by a would-be enemy, provides its main diet.