“CONVERSATION” OF MINISTER HANEKOM, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM:The Minister of Tourism attended the TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa) AGM, of which PHASA is a board member, earlier this week, where PHASA was represented by our CEO, Adri Kitshoff.  Board members were very excited by Mr Hanekom’s “open” approach, spending more than two hours with board members.Mr Hanekom started off by saying that he views his presentation, to rather be a “Conversation”, and the beginning of dialogue with the tourism sector. He further mentioned that he is very keen to meet with each one of our associations separately.In his presentation (Conversation), he amongst others used the growth of the wildlife industry as an example. Minister Hanekom mentioned that although it is Government’s role to protect and enhance what we have, it is the tourism sector who transport tourists, provide accommodation, etc., in other words ensuring the “full tourism experience”.Our CEO raised amongst others the importance of dialogue between various Government Departments involved in our industry, eg. the Ministers of Environmental Affairs, Tourism, Police, Home Affairs, etc. Minister Hanekom mentioned that, although he is not a hunter, we will get good support from him and his department and once again acknowledged the role that hunting and the wildlife industry as a whole plays towards SA’s environment and economy.  He said that he looks forward to more dialogue. Lastly, he emphasized that hunting must be responsible, as some actions “can have a dent” on the image of SA.

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