South Africa Hunting Packages

South Africa Hunting packages

This is a list of hunting packages Marvel Africa Safaris has to offer, if the package or the species you are interested in is not listed in one of these packages, please feel free to contact us for a Custom Package.


5 Day Breakaway Safari

An exhilarating fun-packed 5 Day Safari, one of which is sure to suit your time constraints and available resources!

$ 2 800


7 Day Blue Wildebeest Package

An action packed 7 Day Safari, including a "Poor Man's Buffalo" (the star of the package) , graceful Impala & Warthog.

$ 3 950


7 Day First Timer Package

If you are looking for a memorable South African Safari that won't break the bank, this is the one for you!

$ 4800


7 Day Kudu Package

An action packed 7 Day Safari, including a "Grey Ghost" (the star of the package) , Red Hartebeest & Warthog.

$ 4 950


7 Day Eland Package

An action packed 7 Day Safari, including a Cape Eland (the star of the package) , Kudu & Warthog.

$ 5 950


9 Day Classic Package

The Classic South Africa hunting package is for those who want to have the full hunting experience.

$ 7400


9 Day Go Wild Package

The Go Wild package is a fully packed 9 day safari, hunting six different species including large plains species.

$ 9800


Sable Antelope Package

A package for the hunter who has hunted most of the plains species and want to spend quality time tracking and hunting.

$ 9800


12 Day Spiral Horn Challenge

If you are a fan of Team Trophy Quest and follow the hunts Salome does, or you are like many, just in love with the beauty of the spiral species, this package is for you!

$ 11900


9 Day Cape Buffalo Package

Black death; the challenge, the danger, the risk & the hunt we have all dreamt off. This package is for the hunter who craves that blood pumping, exciting and exillerating experience..

$ 15 800