Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Payment Methods:

  • CASH: Marvel Africa Safaris only accepts US Dollars (No need to exchange dollars for our currency). VERY IMPORTANT: As of August 1st, 2023 our Forex processor do NOT accept the white $100 bills due to an escalation in forgeries. Please keep this in mind when you travel with cash to South Africa. Only the new “blue” $100 bills will be accepted.
  • CARD: 3% card fee applicable. Please notify your card company that you will be traveling to South Africa.
  • WIRE TRANSFER/PAYPAL: To our Bank of America account.
  • *All prices on our website are US Dollars ($)

Deposit & Payment after your safari:

When you’re ready to book, a deposit as specified in your estimate will be required to confirm your booking. This will be done via wire transfer or PayPal to our Bank of America account (Details will be explained per e-mail). After your safari, the balance can be paid in cash (Dollars), credit card (3% card fee applicable) or via wire transfer or PayPal on the day of your departure to the USA.


We are often asked “How much should I tip my PH? How much should I tip the skinner/tracker and lodge staff ?” It is not an easy question to answer because tips are by no means obligatory and are at the discretion of the hunters. All staff are well informed of this fact and should accept anything given, as a bonus to their salaries. Please ask us for our tipping guideline hunt@marvelafrica.com

Travel: What airlines should I use?

  • We recommend a direct flight. Delta, United Airlines and South Africa Airways have direct flights out of Atlanta, Washington and New York.
  • KLM, Air France and United Airlines have flights over Europe. 
  • Please take note:  If traveling with your own rifles its not advisable to travel through Europe.
  • If you are a US citizen you need only a valid passport with two clean pages to travel to South Africa.

Medical Insurance:

South Africa boasts excellent medical care, comparable to global standards, with both state and private facilities available. State hospitals, though with fair to good facilities, may be the option if payment guarantees cannot be provided. Private clinics and hospitals, while pricier, offer top-notch services that many find worth the expense. Most international tourists & hunters don’t consider private medical fees exorbitant. Please note that your outfitter is not responsible for billing matters. Your safety and well-being are prioritized throughout your safari experience but obtaining medical insurance for each member of the hunting party is advisable.

Health Precautions:

No shots are needed to enter South Africa. Our hunting areas are in Malaria free areas.
HOWEVER: Malaria medication is required if you are traveling to the Kruger National Park for a photo safari or hunting near Kruger National park any time between March and May & September and November AND Malaria medication is required throughout the year if you are visiting Zimbabwe and take a tour to Victoria Falls. 

Rifles: Recommendations

A temporary import/export permit from the South African Police service is required to bring your rifles into South Africa. We work very closely with Henry from RiflePermits; www.riflepermitss.com, that will be doing the pre-approved permit application 30 Days prior to your arrival. Upon arrival you will be met by your PH and a rifle agent, which will accompany you to the permit office where you will pick up your rifle and then travel to the lodge. You can contact Henry at henry@riflepermits.com to start the process.

VERY IMPORTANT: Firearm & Ammunition Allowances and Specifications:

  • Only one firearm per caliber is allowed per person
  • Ammunition is to be packed in a separate container, which has to be locked and marked with details.
  • In total 11 pounds, not more than 200 rounds, is allowed per hunter. 40-60 rounds per rifle is sufficient.
  • No person under 21 years may bring a firearm in under their own name
  • Prohibited firearms, which may NOT be imported into South Africa  includes:
    Semi or fully automatic weapon, Handguns for self-defense, weapons which fall under military categories

What is the recommended caliber for hunting in South Africa?

We recommend any caliber in the .30 range for Plains Game, a 375 or larger is legally required for Dangerous Game & Big 5.

Bows: Recommendations

No permit is needed to bring your bow into South Africa. Preferably a draw weight 65-70lbs, 50 lbs min. Cut on impact broad heads such as G5 Montec, Steelhead, Muzzy or Slicktrick all work well. Shots are usually 30 yards max. Bring at least a dozen arrows. For dangerous game 80lbs with an arrow that must generate 90 foot lbs of energy.

Arrival at the Airport:

Your PH (Professional Hunter) or a representative of Marvel Africa Safaris will meet you at the airport and help you to collect your rifle. After you have collected your rifles/bows and luggage you will be transferred to our lodge.

Weather & Temperatures in the Limpopo province:

South Africa’s seasons are reversed from the USA. For the most part, early mornings are crisp and cool but warm up around 9am. Mid-days are sunny and warm but start cooling down from 3pm and can range a great deal, so you have to pack to dress layers each day. Here as an indication of the temperatures that you might experience:

  • March/April: 50-80 °F
  • May/June: 40-70 °F
  • July/August: 35-70 °F
  • Sept./October: 50-80 °F

WIFI & Cell Service at the lodge:

We have free unlimited WIFI at our lodge as well as cell service. Enjoy a worry-free safari where you can contact your friends and family at the end of the day and keep them up to date on how your safari is going.

Do I need an electric converter for my U.S. devices?

South Africa’s power supply is 220v (USA is 110v). US devices such as hair dryers and curling irons will not work in South Africa. All rooms are equipped with a hair dryer. Electric converters are also available to charge cell phones and tablets/note pads.

Your Trophies:

The field preparation and care of our client’s trophies are a TOP priority at Marvel Africa Safaris.

After your safari, you trophies will be collected and taken to Something Africa Taxidermy. You can either choose to dip and ship your trophies and have them mounted back home OR you can have your trophies mounted in South Africa at Something Africa Taxidermy. We have been working very closely with Jan and Debbie from Something Africa Taxidermy since the start of our outfit.

Feel free to contact Debbie for any questions relating costs/mounting/dipping/shipping etc. Debbie will be more than happy to assist you with your planning: debbie@somethingafricataxidermy.com