“En-Route” Elephant Interaction – per person


Is there any better way to end your safari? If your flight schedule allows, we’d love to squeeze-in a visit to the Elephants en-route to the airport. Lunch & soft drinks included!

Elephant Interaction Duration: Approximately 1 hour

You will enjoy a close, personal and safe encounter with our gentle giants. Our elephants stand under shade on soft mats for comfort.

Here you’ll learn about elephants from tail tip to trunk tip and everything in between, experience firsthand an elephant’s intelligence through to how acute its sense of smell is, you’ll experience their gentle nature as well as the stimulating levels of trust and companionship that can be developed between elephant and man. Take part in allowing an elephant to remember your name or identify you by your scent.

*Please note: If you would like to visit the Elephants during your safari (instead of day of departure) where we have to set out a day and return to camp, price per person will be $150, lunch & soft drinks included.