Springbuck White – Price on request

Shoulder Height: 29 Inches
Weight: 50 Pounds
Horn Length: 12 Inches

The White Springbuck forms part of the four Springbuck color variations. It usually ranks #4, behind the Common Springbuck, in body and horns of the four variations. The trophy quality lies within the width of the bases, the overall length and the hooks/curls on the tips. A great trophy to hunt while on safari and a must for any collector interested in collecting all four Springbuck color variations.

The White Springbok is not an albino, but simply a variation/mutation in colour from the Common Springbok. It is a sociable herd animal and belong in semi-desert areas, including the Karoo and Kalahari Desert. They live of both grass and leaves, and are not dependent on water, although they will drink if water is available.

Trophy assessment can be difficult since both males and females carry relatively small horns. The horns of males horns are heavier and longer than the ones of females. The hunt is made difficult because of their phenomenal eyesight and their habitat in desert areas.