(Latin = Raphicerus campetris , Afrikaans = Steenbok, German = Steinantilope)

Numbers: High
Weight: 9 – 14 kg (20 – 31 lb)
Shoulder height: 52 cm (21 in.)
Females horns: No

Found everywhere in South Africa, except in the coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal.

The open fields for this little survivor, please. When almost all other antelope was forced into specified areas in the country by hunters, animal enemies and development, this fellow wasn’t to be taken out with the others and sticked to its ground. In the Bushveld and Lowveld, the steenbok numbers takes second place only to the Rooibok. It takes shelter easily in a small bush or long grass and isn’t found in mountainous or forest areas. Being a loner, it has helped to keep most of them out of danger. The steenbok male and female only meets in mating season. Then they choose their solo wandering ways again. Although the steenbok is standing only half a meter high, it can out sprint most carnivores. All the steenbok thus uses when threatened, is to hide in the nearest cover, waiting for danger to pass, and if it doesn’t, it will react with breathtaking speed.