(Latin = Giraffa camelopardalis, Afrikaans =Kameelperd, German = Giraffe)

Numbers: Very high
Weight: 703 – 1395 kg (1547 – 3069lb.)
Shoulder height: 272 – 347 cm (109 – 139 in.)
Pregnancy time :457 days
Calf quantity: 1 or sometimes, 2

Found along the warmer Bushveld and Lowveld areas, especially the northern and eastern borderlines of the Northern Province and Mpumalanga. This giant reaches almost 6 meters (almost 20 feet) in height when fully grown. To challenge this animal in length, one need to go back to the Dinosaur’s of older. It is said to make some sound, but few people have heard this, because this animal prefers silence. Drinking water seems to be one of the most difficult endeavours for this fellow: he must spread his legs wide apart and bend his head way down. This naturally makes him a easy target for a lion. Small wonder, then, that the giraffe is most wary at the waterhole. It is a time-consuming effort. And when it does drink, it will shallow nearly 50 litres of water. The lion loves giraffe meat, both for the meat itself, and also because it means two lazy weeks without the necessity of any hunting! However, some giraffes have succeeded in killing a lion with its awesome hind leg’s kicking power. It can injure an enemy with the forelegs as well, while it also uses its head and neck as part of its arsenal in fighting with other bulls. It’s running action probably comes the closest to reflect a slow-motion scene, for with its heavy, high body, it shifts it’s two legs of the same side together until it reaches galloping speeds. It can do about 50 km/h in a sprint, and it have a lot of stamina to sustain its run. It’s beautiful eyes is very effective as well. Its calves can weigh up to 60 kg (132 lb).