Sable Antelope – up to 40″


(Latin = Hippotragus niger , Afrikaans = Swartwitpens, German = Rappenantilope)

Numbers: Fairly High
Weight: 180 – 230 kg (396 – 506 lb)
Shoulder height: 135 cm (54 in.)
Females horns: Yes

Found in the warmest parts of the Northern Province, especially the Limpopo-valley, as well as in the Lowveld area of Mpumalanga.

This graceful animal was always been over poured with the grandest of complimentary adjectives. If this antelope is seen in action, it is easy to understand why so much superlative language has always been used to describe it. It is said to be the bravest of all antelopes, an animal who will, regardless of its enemy, put up a warrior-like fight to protect itself. Some call it the king of the antelopes. Some simply say it the most noble, most graceful, most beautiful antelope you’ll ever find. Over the years, it is reported by more than one observer, even to have killed a lion! When cornered, it stick to its sharped edged guns (horns) of up to 50 inches or more, lifts up its mane and fights to the gruesome end. The females are more brownish (and may even vary in distinct shades of brown) with shorter horns, while the bulls are heavier, have longer horns and are found in a kingly black colour, which may also vary in shade in different regions. All sable antelopes have very typical white skinned tummies and faces, with a black-coloured center-stripe running from the forehead to the nose. It isn’t an animal that you’ll encounter very often, and it isn’t even the biggest antelope of them all, but its reputation doesn’t lack any greatness.